Our delivery-oriented


is based

on the



our rules


promised = delivered

When we say we’ll deliver something, we deliver it. We don’t hide behind complicated terminology. The only worthwhile measure of a project is whether it succeeds or fails. For us, after all the jargon of management practices are stripped away there are only two words that matter: effective and ineffective. We know that to be an effective company you have to deliver exactly what's promised.


overpromised = delivered

We emphasise transparency with all our partners, so you’ll know from day one what we can and cannot deliver. Sometimes though, we can be overly optimistic regarding the scope of a project or its delivery time. In the rare event of this happening, the cost and difference will be taken from our side. We never renege on a promise, even if it means taking a financial hit.


hard work

The reason is self-evident, putting more time in increases our odds of successfully delivering a project. We strive to create long-lasting change in the industries and we know that hacks alone won’t deliver that. We agree that “less is more”, but you need to be experienced in “doing more” before you can consider what’s superfluous and what’s not.


embrace quality

We set the highest quality standards because we know that the products we build have to outlast us. We do this by paying attention to the details that others take for granted. A quality driven approach means we see processes through till the end and take care of a product as if we’d invested our own money in it.


deep dive

We’re plugged-in to every level of the industries we work with. We do regular “reality checks” and know the difference between assumption and fact. All our team members are obliged to immerse themselves in each project and no task is beneath them. Our in-depth methodology means that we never tell business fairytales. Taking a deep dive is the only way to guarantee a project sees the light of day.


fail fast, learn faster

We’ll always admit when we’ve made a mistake. But we won’t celebrate it because it’s as dangerous to celebrate failure as it is to demonise it. That’s why we prioritise learning fast, not failing fast. The commonly accepted “fail-fast” mantra doesn’t magically produce success. When others fail, they’re often none the wiser. We learn from our mistakes.


manage expectations

Our years of work have prepared us for even the most unforeseen circumstances. The current economy sometimes demands that you sell a product that hasn’t actually been built yet. We call this “selling a bag of air”. If we’ve committed to selling a concept, then we already know we’ll be able to deliver that product to market.


be confident, not cocky

It’s no secret that people without much knowledge tend to overestimate their abilities. This happens precisely because they ignore just how much knowledge is necessary to master them. We cannot be experts in every industry. But we have the mindset and tools to confidently and concisely approach every problem.