The floor is yours, we'll handle the backstage.

We’ll help you drive innovation - from ideation to scale. We connect the dots and deliver results, being involved as co-founders from the very beginning and acting as your go-to Swiss Army knife of talent. That’s why we build businesses with and for you, working behind the scenes and leaving you space to shine.






Our solutions provide the rocket fuel to make your business soar. It's pure energy with no added sugar. Lean, efficient, with absolutely no bulls*t included.

What’s also included in the package?

Our founder’s mentality.

end-to-end responsibility

If we recommend something, it means that we can deliver it. We only propose solutions we'd use ourselves in your place. We see the big picture, step into your shoes and adopt an owner's perspective

forward thinking

We act proactive, not reactive. For early-stage projects, we embody the paradigm of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”, taking it to the next level to manage the edge of chaos.

unmatched delivery speed

We eliminate unnecessary layers between the task and its execution. We empower doers to do their work while ensuring managers fully grasp and oversee the project's entirety, not just manage email traffic.

unorthodox solutions

Difficult problems demand unconventional methods. We don’t believe in any boxes, seeking not just creative ideas but effective ones that save you time and budget.”

Empowering corporates and venture investors.

For over fifteen years, we've specialized in delivering end-to-end innovation, managing investment portfolios and performing 360-degree due diligence on venture capital deals. Whether you're a corporation considering an early-stage innovation endeavor or an investor in search of a solid business partner, you're in the right place.