engineering design

We strip a problem down to its core and then solve it with technology.

no box thinking

We have cross-functional expertise and are thus able to tackle business, operational and technical problems from unconventional angles.

blitz learners

Disruptive innovation is all about embracing the unknown. What’s known though, is that we have the right attitude and processes to learn quickly and then how to apply that knowledge.

connecting the dots

Delivering innovations requires us to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

Converting them into business necessitates a deep understanding of the market and various industry verticals. Ensuring compliance with current and upcoming regulations demands expertise in legal engineering. The ability to connect these dots and our constant effort to prove to you that we are the smartest in the room adds value to every venture we participate in.

innovation as a service

We holistically cover all aspects of every innovative endeavor and ensure its proper delivery.

asset tokenization

We develop and implement strategies to unlock illiquid assets for retail investors by leveraging DLT technology.

artificial intelligence

We train machines to recognise pictures, sounds and inconstancies in financial data.

investment advisory

We provide 360-degree due diligence and assist venture investors in managing their portfolio companies.

automations & agents

We design workflows and implement AI-driven agents to automate tedious processes.


We harness the potential of DLT technology where it truly adds value.

legal engineering

We handle legal engineering, while our portfolio law firm offers full-stack legal advisory services.

data driven cities

We help authorities make improved and sustainable decisions based on actual data.


We gather and process sensor data for a wide range of applications.

Missing the skill you need?

We don’t whitelist our certificates, badges or programming languages we use. We connect the dots and get things done. Tell us about your needs, and we'll say if we can bring added value to the next big thing you are planning.

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a(i) lawyer

It’s not easy to find good legal advice when you want to tokenize an airplane, deal with IP rights for an AI-generated avatar, or accept payment with cryptocurrency.

We’ve been there in multiple other cases where regulations lagged behind the innovations we’ve been delivering. That’s why we established, our portfolio law firm, to provide you with legal advisory services in the non-obvious situations you might find yourself in.